Electric Burner User Guide

  1. Remove your Electric Oil Burner from its packaging.
  2. Place the Burner on a flat, heat resistant surface where it is out of reach of children and pets and will not be knocked over or moved during operation.
  3. Place a 1/4 of a Scentlog (or smaller portions of 2 or 3 Scentlogs) into the dish.
  4. Plug the burner into a power socket and turn it on with the rotary switch on the power cord.
  5. The oils in the Scentlog will start to warm and the wax will begin melting within 20 minutes.


  1. Make sure that the rotary switch on the power cord is turned off.
  2. To clean the Scentlog wax from the dish, wait until the wax cools and solidifies, then remove wax with a non-metallic object. Using a metal knife or similar object may scratch, crack or otherwise damage the burner dish.


  1. Never leave the burner unattended while operating.
  2. Do not touch or move the unit until it is cool.
  3. Melted wax and scented oils are hot. To avoid burns, keep out of reach of children and animals.
  4. To protect against electric shock, do not immerse the base, cord or plug in water or any other liquid or use in damp or wet conditions.
  5. Do not use if chipped or cracked.
  6. Make sure that the unit is turned off before removing power cord from the wall outlet.
  7. Do not use the unit for anything other than melting Scentlogs® or heating essential oils mixed with water.