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Menthol Scentlogs

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Menthol is an organic, minty substance that is extracted from peppermint essential oil. Its pungent, refreshing aroma provides various health and wellness benefits.

If you are experiencing congestion and finding it difficult to breathe, inhaling Menthol Scentlogs will help to clear out the respiratory tract by thinning out the mucus and leading to rapid expulsion. You can almost feel the menthol vapours attacking and breaking up lung congestion. Inhaling menthol can unclog your sinuses and provide relief for coughs, colds, sinusitis, bronchitis and asthma.

Menthol Scentlogs are also effective in relaxing nasal passage muscles and clearing out the foreign substances and pollen that causes the allergic symptoms. Blending with Eucalyptus Scentlogs will help reduce allergy symptoms. 

Inhaling the menthol eases out nausea and is very effective for relieving nausea symptoms following chemotherapy sessions.  It also alleviates problems caused by chronic fatigue by boosting energy levels.

Blends well with other minty Scentlogs such as Spearmint, Peppermint and Eucalyptus.